ISOLDE Seminars

The ISOLDE Physics Group regularly organises seminars with speakers from ISOLDE and other facilities. These usually take place after the weekly group meeting and more information can be found at here.

ISOLDE Schools and Courses

Schools and courses are organised at ISOLDE that are open to both ISOLDE in-house researchers and those from other institutes. Information about the latest courses can be found here.

ISOLDE Workshop and Users Meeting

Once a year the ISOLDE workshop and Users meeting is organised at CERN. This event aims to bring together the present and prospective ISOLDE user community to review the status of the ISOLDE experimental programme and to discuss future plans and ideas. More information can be found here.


From time to time ISOLDE hosts larger scale conferences such as EURORIB'10 , HFI/NQI 2010 and EMIS2018.

Other ISOLDE Related Events

Various workshops and meetings take place at ISOLDE and partner facilities/institutes regarding ongoing experiments and projects at ISOLDE. More information can be found here.