ISOLDE opens its doors to over 1500 visitors each year, introducing the general public to the variety of research done with radioactive isotopes at CERN. A typical visit consists of an introductory presentation in the visitors’ area in building 508 and, when possible, a tour of the ISOLDE facility itself along the pre-arranged visit path. For more information about the possibilities to organize a visit, please contact:

Note that:

·     The maximum group size is 24 people.

·     Visits in the weekend are not allowed.

·     In the event of a machine intervention or a conflict with physics which happens to be running, (part of the)  ISOLDE hall might be inaccessible and the visit can be limited to the visitors’ area.

·     Considering the potential hazards in the ISOLDE hall, special safety procedures need to be followed, as detailed in the safety information distributed before each visit. This means, amongst others, that pregnant women, children younger than 16 and people with  medical implants sensible to magnetic field are not allowed to enter the experimental area. 

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