Registration at CERN

When coming to CERN from an outside institute to participate in an experiment, you have to register as a so-called "Unpaid Scientific Associate" (called "User") via the CERN Users' Office (bldg 61-R-020) .

If you are registering for the first time you should start the registration procedure by using the on-line EDH Pre-Registration form which should be launched by your teamleader ( ). Please make sure that the status chosen is "USER" and that you register "ISOLDE" as your primary experiment and not the IS number of the experiment in which you are involved. Help regarding filling in the EDH Pre-registration form can be found via . All teamleaders and deputy teamleaders must ensure that their user registration and hence CERN computing accounts are always valid. If your institute is new to ISOLDE and does not yet have a nominated teamleader please contact the ISOLDE User Support Office.

The home institute declaration, which can be downloaded from, should be attached to the Pre-Registration document as well as any other required documents. The home institute declaration must be signed by someone from your institute's administration (HR) or management (institute Head or Director). Please note that your teamleader and deputy are not allowed to sign the home institute declaration.  The minumum period of registration, even if you will be at CERN for a shorter period, is one month but please register for as long a period as possible which is better for ISOLDE and to avoid having to register every time you come to CERN. The maximum period for a first registration is 3 years and after that it is 5 years. Once the Pre-Registration is accepted by the Users office you will be able to activate your computer account (but not your EDH account). When you arrive at CERN you should go straight to the Users office to complete your registration. Once your registration is complete you can pick up your access card from building 55 near the CERN main entrance and use your EDH account.

ISOLDE is classed as a "Simple Controlled Radiation Area" so while participating in an experiment you will require a radiation dosimeter. When your USER registration is completed you can get a Permanent dosimeter from the CERN dosimeter service on the ground floor of building 55 (open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 12:00). For details on the procedure to follow (i.e. courses to complete and documents required) please see . When your Pre-Registration  has been accepted by the Users office you will receive an email telling you how to apply for your CERN computing account so that you can complete the necessary on-line safety courses before you come to CERN.

Please make sure that your CERN registration and "certificate attesting the suitability to work in CERN's radiation areas" are kept up to date. If your registration has run out, you will have to reregister as if you were coming to CERN for the first time.

All visitors should inform the Users' Office of any change in their data, such as change of institute, of private address, personal status, or change of percentage of presence at CERN

More information about how to get access to the ISOLDE Experimental Hall can be found here.

Getting around CERN: Information about free CERN bike and car sharing can be found here.

Information about short term child care can be found here.

ISOLDE Mailing List

If you would like to receive emails about facility news, events, conferences and job opportunities then you can sign up to the ISOLDE mailing list via the CERN egroups website.

Health Insurance

For  information about health insurance for Associated Members of the personnel ( including USERs, Cooperation Associates and Visiting Scientists) please refer to

Social Security

We would like to bring to your attention the EU regulation that all posted workers within the EU must always carry an A1 certificate with them, certifying the social security situation of the employee. For more details please see . Please note that this is an EU regulation not a CERN regulation and it is your employer who should provide you with this document, after you have informed them about your duty travel.