Get access to the ISOLDE facility

All ISOLDE Users and Associates needing access to the hall must fulfill the following criteria (CERN employees click here):

a) be in possession of a valid CERN ID card
b) have passed 7 online courses: "Safety at CERN",  "Emergency Evacuation",  "Data Privacy Basics - elearning",  "Radiation Protection - Awareness", "Radiation Protection - Supervised Area", "Electrical Safety - Awareness - Fundamentals", and "Electrical Safety - Awareness - Facilities". 
c) have a CERN filmbadge (dosimeter). You will need a "certificate attesting the suitability to work in CERN's radiation areas" signed by your institute (see below).
d) have followed the 3.5 hour practical ISOLDE RP course and the new 4 hour practical "Electrical Safety - Working in EP experiments" course which take place once a week on Tuesdays  (see below for how to register for these courses)
e) have access to the hall granted via ADAMS

Access to the ISOLDE hall is now from the Jura side of the building only and via your dosimeter, not via your a CERN access card.

Since September 2018, all CERN trainings are now managed via the new learning hub ( which replaces the previous applications: and All applicants are requested to enroll using the interface before taking the course. 

From 11th October 2016 onwards, access to the chemical Lab (508/R-002) and the measurements area (508/R-008) will also require the online course "Chemical Safety Awareness" found via….



If you have questions about how to fulfill the above mentioned criteria please read the information below:

Point a) should normally be fulfilled for any correctly registered ISOLDE User (see registration).

Point b) the online  "Safety at CERN",  "Emergency Evacuation",  "Data Privacy Basics - elearning",  "Radiation Protection - Awareness", "Radiation Protection - Supervised Area", "Electrical Safety - Awareness - Fundamentals", and "Electrical Safety - Awareness - Facilities": these are located at

and must be followed before you can get a dosimeter and access to ISOLDE.

If you have a CERN account (NICE) you can access the on-line courses mentioned in points b) and c) above from your computer, from both inside and outside of the CERN network. If you are a new user, you will be able to activate your computer account once the Users office has accepted your online EDH Pre-Registration). If you do not have a CERN account, you can complete the training using computers at your disposition in building 55 (first floor – Registration Service). Your CERN card will be needed in order to prove your identity.

Point c) a permanent dosimeter can be collected from the Individual Dosimetry Service in building 55, which is open from Monday to Friday from 08h30 to 12h00. To apply for a permanent dosimeter you will need a "certificate attesting the suitability to work in CERN's radiation areas"  (see bottom of page) signed by your institute. At the end of your visit to CERN, if you do not need your permanent dosimeter during the next month, you must return it to the dosimetry service before you leave. If your registration/courses etc. are up to date you can pick it up again from the dosimetry service the next time you come to CERN.

Point d) follow the new 4 hour "Electrical Safety - Working in EP experiments" course and the 3.5 hour practical RP safety course, that take place on Tuesdays from 08:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:30 respectively, for which you must register in advance. If you have already followed the RP safety course, register only for the electrical course. If you are already a CERN user and have a valid CERN EDH account, please register online at least two weeks in advance via CERN Training Catalogue for the electrical and RP course separately. If you are not yet registered as a user, please pre-register for the courses first via email by sending the form found at the bottom of this page directly to the training centre specifying for which course you wish to register. When you arrive at CERN and you have been to the users office to complete your user registration ( you should allow enough time to do this during working hours on the Monday if you are registered on the Tuesday courses), your access to the EDH system will be activated and you must put yourself on the "waitlist" for the above courses via the CERN Training Catalogue (Please note that this is just a formality in order to ensure that your training course is correctly recorded in the CERN database. It is not actually a "waiting list" as your place would already be secured). As soon as you have joined the "waitlist" you must inform the training service by email at : so that they can transfer you to the dedicated session. Only after you have completed this process and you've followed the safety courses, will your dosimeter be activated and you will have access to ISOLDE. The courses take place once a week on a Tuesday at the CERN Prevessin site (using the regular CERN shuttle service). Dates of the course can be found via the CERN Training Catalogue. Users who have already followed the previous ISOLDE electrical hands-on training are not yet required to follow the new course, although this may eventually be the case.

 If you do not have a permanent dosimeter and wish to work in the ISOLDE hall over a weekend, you will need to arrive at CERN on the Monday during working hours otherwise you will only be able to work in the DAQ rooms in building 508 which are not in the controlled area.

Point e) can easily be arranged by an application through the CERN ADAMS system at and by requesting the "ISOHALL:ISOLDE(HALL)" access. Please note that "ISOLDE-PRIMAIRE (ISOPRIM)" and "ISOLDE GPS, HRS, HT (ISOGHH)" is not normally needed for ISOLDE Users. The access request can only be made if you are already registered as a CERN User and already have a CERN dosimeter.

If, after completing all of the required criteria listed above, you have problems with access to the ISOLDE hall you should check with the ISOLDE User Support Office, ISOLDE Physics Coordinator, or the 'Centrale de Surveillance d'access', tel: 78877 or

PLEASE NOTE: When you register as a CERN User, the computer system via which the access demand for the ISOLDE Hall is made will not be updated until that night. Hence, the access request cannot be made until the day after you have registered. This should be taken into account when arranging your visit to CERN.

Getting around CERN: Information about free CERN bike and car sharing can be found here.

Access to the ISOLDE Chemical Laboratory and the SSP Laboratory

The access to the chemical Lab (508/R-002) and the measurements area (508/R-008) requires the online course "Chemical Safety Awareness" found via .

The access has to be requested via ADAMS: For "0508-R-002” for the ISOLDE SSP Chemistry Laboratory and "0508-R-008” for ISOLDE SSP Experimental Lab.