Dosimeters at ISOLDE - CERN personnel

All CERN personnel* needing access to the hall must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Follow a general online RP course on work in supervised areas via

2. Make an appointment for a medical check at the CERN Medical Service.

3. Get your permanent dosimeter from the Dosimetry Service once you have had medical examination.

4. Follow the online ISOLDE-RP and Electrical awareness courses

5. Follow a 1-DAY CERN class course on Radiation Protection - Controlled Area - CERN Employees and Associates. Subscribe online via

6. It is recommended to follow both the 2 hour practical ISOLDE RP safety and 2 hour Electrical Awareness courses. Details on how to register for these courses can be found at .

7. Ask for ISOHALL access in EDH (or ask a colleague to request it for you)

8. Access ISOLDE : access via your dosimeter

More details for Users about the procedure to follow in order to get a permanent dosimeter can be found at .

*CERN personnel – persons with CERN work contracts, e.g. CERN technical and PhD students, CERN fellows, CERN staff

Dosimetry Service website: