The installation of the REX-ISOLDE post-accelerator has opened up new fields of research with radioactive ion beams of higher energies. REX-ISOLDE can provide post-accelerated nuclei covering the whole mass range from He to U for reaction studies and Coulomb excitation with energies up to 3 MeV/u. As part of an agreement between CERN and the ISOLDE collaboration, CERN has taken over the running of REX-ISOLDE as part of the host facility. REX is operational since 2001 and has already accelerated over 100 isotopes of more than 30 different elements. As of 2015 the first stage of the HIE-ISOLDE upgrade project will be operational with a new superconducting linac boosting the maximum energy to more than 5.5 MeV/u for ions with mass-to-charge ratios below 4.5, reaching the Coulomb barrier threshold for the full range of nuclei available at ISOLDE.

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