Postdoc position at University of Tennessee

The Experimental Nuclear Structure Group at the University of Tennessee is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position in the experimental low-energy nuclear physics program. The UTK group has demonstrated an excellent track record in experimental nuclear structure studies of nuclei far from stability. Our group is a world leader in the field of decay neutron spectroscopy, as demonstrated by the construction and deployment of the VANDLE time-of-flight array. Current experimental programs are being carried out at the ISOLDE facility at CERN, Riken-Nishina RIBF, and the NSCL facility in MSU. 

The successful candidate will lead the delayed-neutron spectroscopy efforts from standard and laser polarized radioactive ion beams. Candidates should have demonstrable experience with experiments at accelerator facilities, as well as good skills in programming and data analysis. The position is available immediately.

Applicants should apply on-line at (job number 17000001SS). Please provide your CV with a list of publications. Two letters of recommendation are requested. Any questions regarding this posting can be sent to Dr. Miguel Madurga at

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