The German Doctoral Students program (Wolfgang-Gentner Stipendien)

The following projects are proposed PhD theses at ISOLDE (an overview of all projects at CERN can be found here). Please click on the title for a project description.

Job Code EN4342
Department EN
Discipline Materials Science
Description Development of Titanium-based nanostructured targets for new ISOLDE beams New beams of neutron-deficient Ca and 37K isotope beams are requested by the Standing Group of Upgrade of ISOLDE (GUI). Following up on a successful master thesis with the development of CaO nanostructured targets for Argon beams at ISOLDE, the topics of the PhD is to develop and test titanium based nanomaterials, from either TiO2 or TiC, which are expected to deliver high rates of 37K and exotic Ca isotope beams, and possibly also some neutron-rich S, Cl and P beams.
Start Date 01-MAY-12
Status Current