Completed experiments

Completed experiments

Code Proposal Title Spokesperson Contact person Status
P97 P97 Structure and kinetics of vacancies and self-interstitials in ferromagnetic Fe: An Approach using 57Mn -> 57Fe Moessbauer spectroscopy Sielemann, R. Dietrich, M. Completed
P95 P95 Study of the 163Ho-decay for neutrino mass experiments Altmann, M. Completed
P94 P94 Beta-decay of 47Mn; extension of systematics of MT = 3/2, odd-Z nuclei to fp-shell Jokinen, A. Oinonen, M. Completed
P83 P83 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Investigation of Erbium and Silver related defects Gehlhoff, W. Completed
P78 P78 gI-factor measurements on unstable Eu+ isotopes in an Ion trap Werth, G. Completed
P74 P74 Study of the statistical properties of the angular distribution of beta-delayed protons following the decay of oriented 73KrFe Rikovska Completed
P67 P67 b-NMR study on microscopic structure and diffusion behaviour of Li implanted into ZnSe Ittermann, B. Completed
P66 P66 Test of new PAC probes for hyperfine interaction studies at ISOLDE Correia, J.G. Completed
P55 P55 Towards the proton drip-line along the cadmium isotopic chain Rykaczewski, K. Completed
P51 P51 Hyperfine spectroscopy of unstable Eu+ isotopes in an ion trap Werth, G. Completed
P38 P38 135Cs and 137Cs samples for s-process studies Kaeppler, F. Completed
P26 P26 Search for population of low-spin superdeformed states in Po-Hg region via b and a decays Riedinger, L.L. Completed
P161 P161 New spectroscopy by two-neutron-pickup of neutron-rich nuclei Habs, D. Cederkäll, J. Completed
P108 P108 Diffusion of Fluorine in high open porosity graphite Menna, M. Menna, M. Completed
P104 P104 Semiconductor Spectroscopy with Short lived Isotopes Deicher, M. Deicher, M. Completed
IS657 P546 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of RaF molecules Garcis Ruiz, R.F./ Wilkins, S./De Groote, R. Garcia Ruiz, R.F. Completed
IS655 P540 Production of phosphorus-vacancy centers in diamond for optical and spin characterization Green, B.L. Johnston, K. Completed
IS651 P473 Nuclear Shell Evolution in the Island of Inversion Studied via the 28 Mg(t, 30 Mg)p reaction Muecher, D. / Kroell, T. Madurga Flores, M. Completed
IS650 P529 Probing the structure of yrast states in even-even 214,216,218 Po through fast-timing measurements following the β-decay of 214,216,218 Bi Lica, R. / Andreyev, A.N. Cubiss, J. Completed
IS649 P528 Charge radii and moments of 43−50 Sc, crossing N=28 measured with bunched beam collinear laser spectroscopy at COLLAPS Yang, X. / Garcia Ruiz, R.F. Heylen, H. / Bissell, M. Completed
IS648 P526 Emission Channeling with Short-Lived Isotopes: sublattice displacement in multiferroic Rashba semiconductors Pereira, L.M.C. / Wahl, U. Martins Correia, J.G. Completed
IS644 P517 A Coulomb-nuclear excitation study of shape co-existence in 96Kr Moschner, K. / Nara Singh, B.S. Gaffney, L. Completed
IS641 P511

The structure of the low-lying excited states in 182,184,186 Hg studied through β+/EC decay of 182,184,186Tl at IDS

Reznkina, K. Gaffney, L. Completed
IS640 P505 PAC studies of isolated small Cd and Hg molecules: The nuclear quadrupole moments H. Haas J. Schell Completed
IS639 P504 Laser Spectroscopy of exotic indium (Z = 49) isotopes: Approaching the N = 50 and N = 82 neutron numbers R. Garcia Ruiz K.M. Lynch Completed
IS638 P501 Study of the kinetics of complex formation and in vivo stability of novel radiometal-chelate conjugates for applications in nuclear medicine U. Koster/ L. HemmingsenV. Radchenko / M. Stachura K. Johnston Completed
IS637 P498 Towards reliable production of 225Ac for medical applications: Systematic analysis of the production of Fr, Ra and Ac beams. K. Dockx T. Stora Completed
IS636 P636 Direct Measurement of Self Diffusion Jump Rates in an Intermetallic Compound / J. Schell / M.O. Zacate J. Schell Completed
IS635 P484

Nuclear quadrupole moments and charge radii of the 51Sb isotopes via collinear laser spectroscopy

Z.Y. Xu / D.T. Yordanov H. Heylen Completed
IS634 P489

Emission channeling with short-lived isotopes (EC-SLI) of acceptor dopants in nitride semiconductors

L. Perreira / U. Wahl J.G. Correia Completed
IS633 P482

Electron capture of 8B into highly excited states in 8Be

T. Nilsson / O. Tengblad R. Lica Completed
IS632 P487 Neutron unbound single particle states in 133Sn from the beta decay of 133In M. Madurga Flores / R. Grzywacz R. Lica Completed
IS631 P467 The (d,p) reaction on 206Hg B.P. Kay / C.R. Hoffman K. Johnston Completed
IS629 P479 Beta decay of 11Be C. Mazzocchi / K. Riisager K. Johnston Completed
IS628 P478 Nuclear moment studies of short-lived excited states towards the Island of Inversion. g factor of 28Mg (2+) using TDRIV on H-like ions. G. Georgiev / A. Stuchbery L. Gaffney Completed
IS626 P476 Radiotracer diffusion of copper and potassium in Cu(In,Ga)Se_2 thin-film solar cells N. A. Stolwijk J. Schell Completed
IS624 P474 Irradiation of prototype tungsten blocks for test of Halogen Release Fraction from the future ESS Helium cooled Tungsten Target. : (WHALE project). M. Jensen K. Johnston Completed
IS623 P472 Ground and isomeric state spins, moments and radii of Ge isotopes across the N=40 subshell closure via laser spectroscopy at COLLAPS X. Yang / M. Bissell M. Bissell Completed
IS621 P470 Single-particle behaviour towards the ``island of inversion" - 28,30Mg(d,p)29,31Mg in inverse kinematics D.K. Sharp/ S. Freeman K. Johnston Completed
IS620 P458 Study of neutron-rich 52,53K isotopes by the measurement of spins, moments and charge radii. X. Yang K.M. Lynch Completed
IS619 P468 Effects of the neutron halo in 15C scattering at energies around the Coulomb barrier / I. Martel / O. Tengblad R. Lica Completed
IS617 P464 Laser spectroscopic studies along the Al isotopic chain and the isomer-shift of the self-conjugate 26Al nucleus Malbrunot-Ettenhauer, S. / Heylen, H. Malbrunot-Ettenhauer, S. Completed
IS616 P463 Reaction mechanisms in collisions induced by 8B beam close to the barrier Di Pietro, A. / Figuera, P. Madurga, M. Completed
IS615 P462 Determination of the electron affinity of astatine and polonium by laser photodetachment Rothe, S. Sundberg, J. / Marsh, B. Completed
IS614 P459 Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of 22Mg Blank, B. Johnston, K. Completed
IS613 P456 Laser Spectroscopy of neutron deficient Sn isotopes Garcia Ruiz, R. Lynch, K. Completed
IS612 P455 Unravelling the local structure of topological crystalline insulators using hyperfine interactions Pereira, L.M.C. Schell, J. / Martins Correia, J.G. Completed
IS611 P454 Study of molybdenum oxide by means of Perturbed Angular Correlations and Mössbauer spectroscopy Martins Correia, J.G. Schell, J. Completed
IS610 P449 Gamma and fast-timing spectroscopy of the doubly magic 132Sn and its one- and two-neutron particle/hole neighbours Fraile L.M. / Korgul A. Lica R. Completed
IS609 P444 Study of beta-delayed neutron decay of 8He Janas Z. / Grzywacz R. / Riisager K. Madurga Flores M. Completed
IS608 P443 Shape-coexistence and shape-evolution studies for bismuth isotopes by in-source laser spectroscopy and beta-delayed fission in 188Bi Andreyev A./ Barzakh A. / P. Van Duppen Marsh B. Completed
IS607 P441 The 59Cu(p,alpha) cross section and its implications for nucleosynthesis in core collapse supernovae Lederer, C. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS606 P440 Studies of unbound states in isotopes at the N = 8 shell closure Johansen, J.G. Madurga Flores, M. Completed
IS605 P439 Absolute measurement of the beta-alpha decay of 16N Kirsebom, O.S. Madurga Flores, M. Completed
IS604 P435 An implanted 228Ra source for response characterization of bolometers C. Brofferio K. Johnston Completed
IS603 P432 Measurement of the super-allowed branching ratio of 10C B. Blank M. Kowalska Completed
IS601 P426 Measurement of the β asymmetry parameter in 35Ar decay with a laser polarized beam. G. Neyens / N. Severijns M. Bissell / M. Kowalska Completed
IS600 P412 Beta-delayed Neutron Spectroscopy of 130−132 Cd Isotopes with the ISOLDE Decay Station and the VANDLE array M. Madurga / R. Grzywacz M. Madurga Completed
IS598 P424 In-source laser spectroscopy of mercury isotopes L. Gaffney / T. Day Goodacre / A. Andreyev B. Marsh Completed
IS596 P421 2 + Anomaly and Configurational Isospin Polarization of 136Te V. Werner / N. Pietralla / G. Rainovski E. Rapisarda Completed
IS594 P413 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of radium ions K. Lynch K. Lynch Completed
IS593 P411 Implanted 7Be Targets For The Study of Neutron Interactions With 7Be : (The “Primordial 7Li Problem) G. Moshe T. Stora Completed
IS592 P410 Search for beta-transitions with the lowest decay energy for a determination of the neutrino mass S. Eliseev V. Manea Completed
IS590 P402 Characterization of the low-lying 0 + and 2 + states of 68 Ni Sotty, C. / Fraile, L. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS588 P400 Core breaking and octupole low-spin states in 207 Tl Podolyak, Z. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS585 P395 Interaction and Dynamics of add-atoms with 2-Dimensional Structures : (PAC studies of mono- and low- number of stacking layers) Amaral, V.S. / Gottberg, A. Johnston, K. Completed
IS584 P394 Beta-decay study of neutron-rich Tl and Pb isotopes Gottardo, A. / Rapisarda, E. Rapisarda, E. / Kurcewicz, J. Completed
IS583 P393 β-NMR of copper isotopes in ionic liquids Stachura, M. / Hemmingsen, L. Stachura, M. Completed
IS582 P392 31Mg β-NMR applied in chemistry and biochemistry Stachura, M. / Hemmingsen, L. Stachura, M. Completed
IS580 P391 Emission Channeling with Short-Lived Isotopes: lattice location of impurities in semiconductors and oxides Pereira, L. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS579 P390 Study of octupole deformation in n-rich Ba isotopes populated via β  decay Benzoni, G. / Mach, H. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS578 P388 Atomic scale properties of magnetic Mn-based alloys probed by Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy Mantovan, R. / Gunnlaugsson, H.P. Johnston, K. Completed
IS577 P386 Beta-3p spectroscopy and proton-gamma width determination in the decay of 31Ar Fynbo, H.O.U. / Koldste, G.T. Tengblad, O. Completed
IS576 P385 Magnetic and structural properties of manganese doped (Al,Ga)N studied with Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy Bonanni, A. / Gunnlaugsson, H.P. Johnston, K. Completed
IS575 P384 Beta-delayed neutrons from oriented 137,139I and 87,89Br nuclei Grzywacz, R. Koester, U. Completed
IS574 P382 Precision Mass Measurements with ISOLTRAP to Study the Evolution of the N=82  Shell Gap far from Stability Kreim, S. Manea, V. Completed
IS573 P378

Laser Spectroscopy of Tin and Cadmium: Across N = 82 and Closing in on N = 50

Yordanov, D. Bissell, M.L. Completed
IS572 P379 Study of shell evolution around the doubly magic 208Pb via a multinucleon transfer reaction with an unstable beam Valient Dobon, J.J. / Szilner, S. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS571 P375 Study of the stability of the gallium isotopes beyond the N = 50 neutron shell closure. Cocolios, T.E. Flanagan, K. Completed
IS570 P374 Beta decay of the N=Z, rp-process waiting points: 64Ge, 68Se and the N=Z+2: 66Ge, 70Se for accurate stellar weak-decay rates Nacher, E./ Domingo, C. / Algora, A. E. Rapisarda Completed
IS569 P368 Solving the shape conundrum in 70Se Orce, N. / Jenkins, D. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS568 P373 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of nickel isotopes Cheal, B. Bissell, M. Completed
IS567 P372 Energy of the 2p1h intruder state in 34Al: an extension of the ”island of inversion”? Ascher, P. Kreim, S. Completed
IS565 P369 Q-values of Mirror Transitions for fundamental interaction studies Breitenfeldt, M. Kreim, S. Completed
IS564 P366 Study of the unbound proton-rich nucleus 21Al with resonance elastic and inelastic scattering using an active target Fernández-Dominguez, B./Tengblad, O./Caamano, Kurcewicz, J. Completed
IS562 P362 Transfer Reactions and Multiple Coulomb Excitation in the 100Sn Region Cederkäll, J. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS561 P361 Transfer reactions at the neutron dripline with triton target Riisager, K. / Mücher, D. Kurcewicz, J. Completed
IS560 P360 Nuclear-moment studies in the odd-mass In isotopes up to N=82 using the Tilted Foils technique Georgiev, G. Yordanov, D. Completed
IS559 P355 Statistical properties of warm nuclei: Investigating the low-energy enhancement in the gamma strength function of neutron-rich nuclei Siem, S. / Wiedeking, M. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS558 P354 Shape Transition and Coexistence in Neutron-Deficient Rare Earth Isotopes Görgen, A. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS555 P351 Study of shell evolution in the Ni isotopes via one-neutron transfer reaction in 70Ni Valiente Dobon, J. / Orlandi, R. / Mengoni, D. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS554 P350 Search for higher excited states of 8Be* to study the cosmological 7Li problem Gupta, D. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS552 P347 Measurements of octupole collectivity in Rn and Ra nuclei using Coulomb excitation Butler, P. / Joss, D. / Scheck, M. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS551 P345 Coulomb excitation of doubly magic 132Sn with MINIBALL at HIE-ISOLDE Reiter, P. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS549 P343 Coulomb Excitation of Neutron-rich 134;136Sn isotopes Kröll, T. / Simpson, G. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS548 P342 Evolution of quadrupole and octupole collectivity north-east of 132Sn: the even Te and Xe isotopes Kröll, T. / Simpson, G. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS547 P340 Coulomb excitation of the two proton-hole nucleus 206Hg Podolyak, Z. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS546 P339 Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain Bauer, C. / Pietralla, N. / Rainovski, G. E. Rapisarda Completed
IS545 P337 Experimental investigation of decay properties of neutron deficient 116-118Ba isotopes and test of 114,115Ba beam counts Datta Pramanik, U./ Tengblad, O. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS544 P336 Study of chemically synthesized ZnO nano particles under a bio template using radioactive ion beam Ganguly, B. Johnston, K. Completed
IS541 P331 Search for beta-delayed protons from 11Be Riisager, K. Gottberg, A. Completed
IS540 P329 UCx prototype target tests for ActILab-ENSAR Stora, T. Gottberg, A. Completed
IS539 P328 Shape effects in the vicinity of the Z=82 line: study of the beta decay of 182,184,186Hg Algora, A. / Fraile, L.M. / Nacher, E. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS538 P326 Precision measurement of the half-life of 109In in large and small lattice environments Ray, A. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS537 P325 Properties of neutron-rich hafnium high-spin isomers Walker, P. Flanagan, K. Completed
IS536 P324 Gamma spectroscopy of n-rich 95,96Rb nuclei by the incomplete fusion reaction of 94Kr on 7Li Leoni, S. / Fornal, B. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS535 P321 Penning-trap mass spectrometry of neutron-rich copper isotopes for probing the Z = 28 and N = 50 shell closures Manea, V. Kreim, S. Completed
IS534 P319 I:Beta-delayed fission, laser spectroscopy and shape-coexistence studies with radioactive At beams II: Delineating island of deformation in light Au isotopes by means of laser spectroscopy. Andreyev, A. / Van Duppen, P./ Fedoseev, V. Rapisarda, E. Completed
IS533 P318 Collection of a radioactive source of Krypton-83 to study the gas distribution dynamics in a large GRPC detector Laktineh, I. Johnston, K. Completed
IS532 P317 Seeking the Purported Magic Number N = 32 with High-Precision Mass Spectrometry Kreim, S. / Manea, V. Manea, V. Completed
IS531 P316 Collinear resonant ionization spectroscopy for neutron rich copper isotopes Neyens, G. / Rajabali, M.M. Flanagan, K. Completed
IS530 P314 Properties of low-lying intruder states in 34Al and 34Si sequentially populated in beta-decay of 34Mg Negoita, F. / Grévy, S. Stota, T. Completed
IS528 P312 Novel diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides for the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals Köster, U. / Zhernosekov, K. JOhnston, K. Completed
IS526 P308 Proton resonance elastic scattering of 30Mg for single particle structure of 31Mg Imai, N. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS525 P307 Study of multi-neutron emission in the beta-decay of 11Li Delaunay, F. / Cano-Ott, D. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS524 P306 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich odd-A Cd isotopes Kröll, T. / Simpson, G. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS523 P305 Determination of the B(E3,0+ -> 3-) strength in the octupole correlated nucleus 144Ba using Coulomb excitation Scheck, M. / Joss, D.T. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS522 P303 A=225 implantation for 221Fr source for TRIUMF atom trap Behr, J. Johnston, K. Completed
IS520 P301 Study of 13Be through isobaric analog resonances in the Maya active target Raabe, R. Stora, T. Completed
IS519 P300 Shell structure and level migrations in zinc studied using collinear laser spectroscopy Cheal, B. Bissell, M. Completed
IS518 P299 First Study of the Stability of the N=126 Shell Closure Kreim, S. Kreim, S. Completed
IS517 P297 Determination of the Magnetic Moment of 140-Pr Geppert, C. Yordanov, D. Completed
IS516 P296 Coulomb excitation of 116Te and 118Te: a study of collectivity above the Z = 50 shell gap Grahn, T. / Wadsworth, R. J. Pakarinen Completed
IS515 P295 Radioactive probe studies of coordination modes of heavy metal ions from natural waters to functionalized magnetic nanoparticles Amaral, V.S. Correia, J. G. Completed
IS514 P294 Diffusion in Intermetallic Compounds Studied Using Short-Lived Radioisotopes Zacate, M. Johnston, K. Completed
IS513 P293 Study of the odd-A, high-spin isomers in neutron-deficient trans-lead nuclei with ISOLTRAP Cocolios, T. Kreim, S. Completed
IS512 P292 Resonance proton scattering of 22Mg and 21Na Cederkäll, J. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS511 P291 Shape coexistence in the lightest Tl isotopes studied by laser spectroscopy Andreyev, A. / Barzakh, A. Cocolios, T. Completed
IS510 P289 Evolution of the proton-neutron interaction towards Ni-78: Vibrational Structure of Zn-72 and Zn-74 Muecher, D. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS509 P288 Production and Release of Gas and Volatile Elements from Sodium-based Targets Noah, E. Stora, T. Completed
IS508 P286 Collinear laser spectroscopy of manganese isotopes using optical pumping in ISCOOL Cheal, B. Marsh, B. Completed
IS507 P285 Study of the beta-decay of 20Mg Fynbo, H. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS506 P284 Mapping the boundaries of the seniority regime and collective motion: Coulomb excitation studies of N = 122 isotones 206Po and 208Rn Grahn, T. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS505 P282 Study of the deuteron emission in the beta decay of 6He Pfützner,  M. / Riisager, K. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS504 P281 Probing the semi-magicity of 68Ni via the 3H(66Ni,68Ni)p two-neutron transfer reaction in inverse kinematics Roger, T. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS503 P279 Magnetic dipole moment of the doubly closed-shell plus one proton nucleus 49Sc Ohtsubo, T. Köster, U. Completed
IS502 P276 Study of single particle properties of neutron-rich Na isotopes on the “shore of the island of inversion” by means of neutron-transfer reactions Kröll, T. Pakarinen Completed
IS501 P275 Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of advanced materials for opto- and nano- electronics Gunnlaugsson, H. / Olafsson, S. Johnston, K. Completed
IS500 P274 Collection of Rb-83 at low implantation energy for KATRIN Schloesser, K. / Venos, D. Johnston, K. Completed
IS499 P270 Study of the onset of deformation and shape coexistence in 46Ar via the inverse kinematics (t,p) reaction Wimmer, K. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS498 P273 High-Precision Mass Measurements in the Rare-Earth Region to Investigate the Proton-Neutron Interaction Cakirli Kreim, S. Completed
IS497 P271 Laser Spectroscopy of Cadmium Isotopes: Probing the Nuclear Structure Between the Neutron 50 and 82 Shell Closures Yordanov, D. Yordanov, D. Completed
IS496 P268 Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain Pietralla, N. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS495 P257 Study of oblate nuclear shapes and shape coexistence in neutron-deficient rare earth isotopes Görgen, A. / Siem, S. Van de Walle, J. / Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS494 P260 Measurements of competing structures in neutron-deficient Pb isotopes by employing Coulomb excitation Grahn, T. / Pakarinen, J. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS493 P266 Nuclear structure studies of the neutron-rich Rubidium isotopes using Coulomb excitation Geogiev, G. / Daugas, J. / Simpson, G. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS492 P265 Defects in ZnO, CdTe, and Si: Optical, structural, and electrical characterization Deicher, M. Johnston, K. Completed
IS491 P264 Probing the N=50 shell gap near 78Ni Orlandi, R. / de Angelis, G. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS490 P263 Masses of noble gases Lunney, D. Neidherr, D. / Naimi, S. Completed
IS489 P261 Radiotracer diffusion in semiconductors and metallic compounds using short-lived isotopes Deicher, M. Johnston, K. Completed
IS488 P259 Ag(I), Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to biomolecules studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation of γ-rays (PAC) spectroscopy: Function and toxicity of metal ions in biological systems Hemmingsen, L. Johnston, K. Completed
IS487 P258 Study of Local Correlations of Magnetic and Multiferroic Compounds Amaral, V.S. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS486 P256 Crystal field investigations of rare earth doped wide band gap semiconductors Schell, J. Johnston, K. Completed
IS485 P255 Coulomb Excitation of 94,96Kr beam - Deformation in the neutron rich Krypton isotopes Warr, N. / Marginean, N. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS484 P254 Ground-state properties of K-isotopes from laser and β-NMR spectroscopy Neyens, G. Bissell, M. / Yordanov, D. Completed
IS482 P252 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich 28,29,30Na nuclei with MINIBALL at REX-ISOLDE: Mapping the borders of the island of inversion Reiter, P. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS481 P251 The role of In in III-nitride ternary semiconductors Lorenz, K. / Vianden, R. Correia, J. G. Completed
IS480 P250 Charge radii of magnesium isotopes by laser spectroscopy: a structural study over the sd shell Blaum, K. Yordanov, D. Completed
IS479 P247 Shape coexistence measurements in even-even neutron-deficient Polonium isotopes by Coulomb excitation using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array Bastin, B. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS478 P228 Shape determination in Coulomb excitation of 72Kr Nara Singh, B.S. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS477 P226 Approaching the r-processs "waiting point" nuclei below 132Sn: quadrupole collectivity in 128Cd Kröll, T. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS476 P248 Studies of beta-delayed two-proton emission : The cases of 31Ar and 35Ca Fynbo, H. / Blank, B. Riisager, K. Completed
IS475 P244 Measurements of octupole collectivity in Rn and Ra using Coulomb excitation Joss, D.T. / Butler, P. / Scheck, M. Pakarinen, J. Completed
IS474 P243 Fast-timing studies of nuclei below 68Ni populated in the beta-decay of Mn isotopes Fraile, L.M. / Mach, H. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS473 P242 Search for new candidates for the neutrino-oriented mass determination by electron-capture Eliseev, S. Kreim, S. Completed
IS472 P241 High Resolution optical spectroscopy in isotopically-pure Si using radioactive isotopes: towards a re-evaluation of deep centres Johnston, K. Johnston, K. Completed
IS471 P240 Collinear resonant ionization laser spectroscopy of rare francium isotopes Flanagan, K. Bissel, M. Completed
IS470 P239 Shape coexistence in the "island of inversion": Search for the 0_2^+ state in 32Mg applying a two-neutron transfer reaction Kröll, T. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS469 P238 One Nucleon Transfer Reactions Around 68Ni at REX-ISOLDE Patronis, N. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS468 P237 Investigation of beam purity after in-trap decay and Coulomb excitation of 62Mn-62Fe Van de Walle, J. Van de Walle, J. Completed
IS467 P236 Beta-decay studies of neutron rich 61-70Mn isotopes with the new LISOL beta-decay setup Van De Walle, J. Van De Walle, J. Completed
IS466 P235 Identification and systematical studies of the electron-capture delayed fission (ECDF) in the lead region - Part I: ECDF of 178,180Tl and 200,202Fr isotopes Andreyev, A. Andreyev, A. Completed
IS465 P234 Evolution of nuclear shape in the light radon isotopes Robinson, A.P. / Rahkila, P. Van de Walle, J. Completed
IS464 P233 (n,p) emission channeling measurements on ion-implanted beryllium Köster, U. Köster, U. Completed
IS463 P232 Mass measurements and decay studies on isobarically pure neutron-rich Hg and Tl isotopes Kowalska, M. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS462 P231 Off-line tests and first on-line installation of the Laser Ion Source Trap LIST – Application for CVC test and CKM unitarity Wendt, K. Fedosseev, V. Completed
IS461 P230 Investigation of the proton-neutron interaction by high-precision nuclear mass measurements Kowalska, M. Herlert, A. Completed
IS460 P229 Magnetic dipole moments of High-K isomeric states in Hf isotopes Stone, N.J. Köster, U. Completed
IS459 P227 Further Studies of neutron-deficient Sn-isotopes using REX-ISOLDE Cederkäll, J. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS458 P225 Measurement of ground state properties of neutron-rich nuclei on the r-process path between the N=50 and N=82 shells Marie-Jeanne, M. Delahaye, P. Completed
IS457 P224 Laser spectroscopy of gallium isotopes using the ISCOOL RFQ cooler Cheal, B. Flanagan, K. Completed
IS455 P220 Investigation of alpha-decay rates of 221Fr, 224Ra and 226Ra in different environments Jeppesen, H. B. Johnston, K. Completed
IS454 P219 Study of single particle properties of nuclei in the region of the "island of inversion'' by means of neutron-transfer reactions Kröll, T. Fraile, L. M. Completed
IS453 P218

Emission channelling lattice location experiments with short-lived isotopes

Wahl, U. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS452 P217 Measurements of shape co-existence in 182,184Hg using Coulomb excitation Butler, P. / Van Duppen, P. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS451 P216 Shape coexistence in neutron-rich Sr isotopes: Coulomb excitation of 96Sr Clément, E. / Görgen A. Clément, E. Completed
IS450 P215 Diffusion of 56Co in GaAs, ZnO and Si1-xGex systems Räisänen, J Johnston, K. Completed
IS449 P214 Nuclear charge radius measurements of radioactive beryllium isotopes Nörtershäuser, W. Herlert, A. Completed
IS448 P213 Pb(II) and Hg(II) binding to de novo designed proteins studied by 204mPb- and 199mHg-Perturbed Angular Correlation of g-rays (PAC) spectroscopy: clues to heavy metal toxicity Hemmingsen, L. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS447 P212 Along the N=126 closed shell: study of 205Au through its p h11/2-1 isomeric decay Podolyák, Z. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS445 P207 Experiments with the newly available Carbon beams at ISOLDE - Resonance scattering and decay studies. Fynbo, H. / Jeppesen, H.B. Frånberg, H. Completed
IS444 P206 Exploring halo effects in the scattering of 11Be on heavy targets at REX-ISOLDE García-Borge, M. J. / Gomez-Camacho, J. Jeppesen, H.B. Completed
IS443 P203 Mössbauer studies of dilute magnetic semiconductors Fanciulli, M. Johnston, K. Completed
IS442 P202 Diffusive, Structural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of Defects in Semiconductors Deicher, M. Johnston, K. Completed
IS441 P201 Ultra fast timing measurements at 78Ni and 132Sn Mach, H. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS440 P199 Shape effects along the Z=82 line: study of the beta decay of 188,190,192Pb using total absorption spectroscopy Algora, A. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS439 P200 Nuclear moments, spins and charge radii of copper isotopes from N=28 to N=50 by collinear fast-beam laser spectroscopy Flanagan, K. Flanagan, K. Completed
IS438 P192 Elastic scattering and fusion studies in the reactions 10,11Be+64Zn Di Pietro, A. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS437 P196 Precision measurement of the half-life and the β-decay Q value of the super-allowed 0+ → 0+ β-decay of 38Ca Blank, B. Herlert, A. Completed
IS436 P195 High Accuracy Mass Measurement Of The Halo Nuclides 12,14Be Lunney, D. Bachelet, C. Completed
IS435 P193 Coulomb excitation of odd-mass and odd-odd Cu isotopes using REX-ISOLDE and Miniball Georgiev, G. Georgiev, G. Completed
IS434 P191 A Study of the r-Process Path Nuclides, Sb-137, Sb-138, Sb-139 Using the Enhanced Selectivity of Resonance Ionization Laser Ionization Walters, W. Fedosseev, V. Completed
IS433 P111

Search for new physics in beta-neutrino correlations using trapped ions and a retardation spectrometer

Severijns, N. Breitenfeld, M. Completed
IS432 P190

Diffusion of 52Mn in GaAs

Räisänen, J. Johnston, K. Completed
IS431 P189 Beta asymmetry measurements in nuclear beta-decay as a probe for non-Standard Model physic Severijns, N. Köster, U. Completed
IS430 P187 Study of neutron-rich Be isotopes with REX-ISOLDE Jeppesen, H.B. / Riisager K. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS429 P173 Parity Non-conservation in Nuclei:The Case of 180mHf Revisited Hass, M. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS428 P153 Laser Spectroscopy study on the neutron rich and  neutron-deficient Te isotopes Roussière, B. Completed
IS427 P183 Nuclear moments and charge radii of magnesium isotopes from N=8 up to (and beyond) N=20 Neyens, G. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS426 P180 Mn and Fe impurities in Si(1-x)Ge(x) alloys Weyer, G. Agne, T. Completed
IS425 P179 Radioactive Probes on Ferromagnetic Surfaces Zeitzt, W.-D. Agne, T. Completed
IS424 P178 Inelastic branch of the stellar reaction 14O(α,p)17F Woods, P.J. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS423 P172 Coulomb excitation of a neutron-rich 88Kr beam-search for mixed symmetry states Iwanicki, J. Iwanicki, J. Completed
IS422 P176 204mPb: A New Probe for TDPAC Experiments in Biology Complementing the Well Established Probes 111mCd and 199mHg Troeger, W. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS421 P175 Study of neutron-rich 124,126,128Cd isotopes; excursion from symmetries to shell-model picture Jokinen, A. Jokinen, A. Completed
IS420 P174 Study of the b-delayed particle emission of 17Ne Fraile, L.M. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS419 P171 Measurement of Gas and Volatile Elements Production Cross Section in a Molten Lead-Bismuth Target Zanini, L. Köster, U. Completed
IS418 P170 Coulomb Excitation of Neutron Deficient Sn-Isotopes using REX-ISOLDE Cederkäll, J. /Andreoiu, C. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS417 P169 Delayed particle study of neutron rich lithium isotopes Tengblad, O. / Nyman, G. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS416 P167 Production of rare earth isotope beams for radiotracer-DLTS on SiC Pasold, G. Agne, T. Completed
IS415 P166 Magnetic Moments of Coulomb Excited 2+1 States for Radioactive Beams of 132, 134, 136Te Isotopes at REX-ISOLDE Jungclaus, A. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS414 P162 Advanced Time-Delayed coincidence studies of 31,32Mg from the ß-decays of 31,32Na Mach, H. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS413 P160 High precision mass measurements of exotic nuclei with ISOLTRAP Blaum, K. Herlert, A. Completed
IS412 P158 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich nuclei between the N=40 and N=50 shell gaps using REX-ISOLDE and the Ge MINIBALL array Van Duppen, P. Georgiev, G. Completed
IS411 P156 Coulomb Excitation of neutron-rich A~140 Nuclei Habs, D (taken over by Kroll, T) Cederkäll , J Completed
IS410 P159 Evolution of single particle and collective properties in the neutron-rich Mg isotopes Scheit, H. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS409 P155 Fusion Reactions at the Coulomb Barrier with Neutron-rich Mg Isotopes Reiter, P Cederkäll , J Completed
IS408 P152 An Energy Upgrade of REX-ISOLDE to 3.1 MeV/u an Acceleration of Heavier Masses up to A = 150 Kester, O. Sieber, T. Completed
IS407 P151 Study of the neutron deficient Pb and Bi isotopes by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear- spectroscopy Franchoo, S. Köster, U. Completed
IS406 P150 Precision Study of the β-decay of 62Ga Cederkäll, J. / Dessagne, P. Cederkäll, J. Completed
IS405 P149 Obtaining empirical validation of shape-coexistence in the mass 70 region : Coulomb excitation of a radioactive beam of 70Se Jenkins, D. / Butler, P. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS404 P148 Study of the β-decay of 12B Fynbo, H. Bergmann, U. Completed
IS403 P136 Isospin symmetry of transitions probed by weak and strong interactions Fujita, Y. Jokinen, A. Completed
IS402 P147 High accuracy mass measurement of the very short-lived halo nuclide 11Li Lunney, D. Le Scornet, G. Completed
IS401 P146 Semiconductor Spectroscopy with Short Lived Isotopes Deicher, M. Agne, T. Completed
IS400 P138 Investigation of astrophysically relevant neutron-rich argon nuclei Weissman, L. Weissman, L. Completed
IS399 P134 Exploring the dipole polarizability of 11Li at REX-ISOLDE García-Borge, M. J. / Gomez-Camacho, J. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS398 P144 Studies of the Beta-Decay of Sr nuclei on an  near the N=Z line with a Total Absorption Gamma Ray Spectrometer Dessagne, P. / Rubio, B. Le Scornet, G. Completed
IS397 P143 Charge Breeding of Radioactive Ions in an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) at ISOLDE Barton, C.J. Delahaye, P. Completed
IS396 P140 Doping Properties of Ferromagnetic Semiconductors investigated by the Hyperfine Interaction of Implanted Radioisotopes Unterricker, S. Agne, T. Completed
IS395 P139 31Si Self-Diffusion in Si-Ge Alloys and Si-(B-)C-N Ceramics and Diffusion Studies for Al and Si Beam Developments Räisänen, J. Strohm, A. Completed
IS394 P137 Nuclear binding around the rp-process waiting points 68Se and 72Kr Oinonen, M. Oinonen, M. Completed
IS393 P135 Beta-Decay study of very neutron-rich Cd isotopes with a chemically selective laser ion source Kratz, K.-L. Ravn, H. Completed
IS392 P131 The structure of the heavy calcium isotopes and the effective interaction in the sd-fp shell Dessagne, P. Fraile, L.M. Completed
IS391 P133 Radiotracer spectroscopy on group II acceptors in GaN Reislöhner, U. Agne, T. Completed
IS390 P132 Studies of Colossal Magnetoresistive Oxides with Radioactive Isotopes Amaral, V. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS389 P130 Measurement of Moments and Radii of Light Nuclei by Collinear Fast-Beam Laser Spectroscopy and ß-NMR Spectroscopy Neugart, R. Geithner, W. Completed
IS388 P129 Precision mass measurements of argon isotopes Herfurth, F. Kellerbauer, A. Completed
IS387 P128 Beta-decay study of neutron-rich Tl, Pb, and Bi by means of the pulsed-release technique and resonant laser ionisation Franchoo, S. Franchoo, S. Completed
IS386 P127 Studies of electric dipole moments in the octupole collective regions of heavy Radiums and Bariums Mach, H. Fynbo, H. Completed
IS384 P121 Precision study of the beta decay of 74Rb Äystö, J. Äystö, J. Completed
IS383 P119 Laser Spectroscopy Studies in the Neutron-Rich Sn Region Le Blanc, F. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS382 P117 Investigation of the impact of the 39Ar(n,a)36S reaction on the nucleosynthesis of the rare isotope 36S Wagemans, C. Köster, U. Completed
IS381 P116 Isospin mixing in N ~ Z nuclei Severijns, N. Köster, U. Completed
IS380 P115 Diffusion Mechanisms and Lattice Locations of Thermal-Equilibrium Defects in Si-Ge Alloys Räisänen, J. Räisänen, J. Completed
IS379 P114 Investigation of the single particle structure of the neutron-rich sodium isotopes 27-31Na Scheit, H. Simon, H. Completed
IS378 P113 Decay study for the very neutron-rich Sn nuclides, 135-140Sn separated by selective laser ionization Walters, W. Köster, U. Completed
IS377 P110 High-resolution spectroscopy of Sr and Y nuclei near N=Z line Oinonen, M. Oinonen, M. Completed
IS376 P109 Investigations of nuclei close to the neutron dripline: Ne and Na and 8He Wilhelmsen-Rolander, K. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS375 P106 Interface Magnetism Investigated with Radioactive Atoms Bertschat, H.H. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS374 P99 Beta-decay studies of dripline isotopes of Be Nyman, G. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS373 P107 Mass measurements at ISOLDE with a Transmission RAdiofrequency spectrometer on-Line (MISTRAL) Lunney, D. Kowalska, M. Completed
IS372 P102 Self-diffusion of Carbon and Nitrogen in the amorphous ceramics Si26C41N33 and related Frank, W. Voss, T. Completed
IS371 P105 Investigations of neutron-rich nuclei at the dripline through their analogue states: The cases of 10Li-10Be (T=2) and 17C-17N (T=5/2) Goldberg, V.Z. / Jonson, B. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS370 P103 Studies of the Beta decay of Kr and Sr nuclei on and near the N=Z line with a Total Absorption Gamma Ray Spectrometer Dessagne, P. Le Scornet, G. Completed
IS369 P101 Acceptors in II-IV Semiconductors - Incorporation and Complex Formation Wichert, T. Agne, T. Completed
IS368 P98 Lattice location of transition metals in semiconductors Wahl, U. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS367 P100 Study of the unbound nuclei 10Li and 7He at REX ISOLDE Jonson, B. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS366 P91

Measurement of the 7Be(p,γ)8B cross-section with an implanted target

Hass, M Sebastian, V Completed
IS365 P96 Nuclear spectroscopy with copper isotopes of extreme N/Z ratios Habs, D. Köster, U. Completed
IS364 P92 Beta-decay study of n h w excitations Walter, G. Oinonen, M. Completed
IS363 P90 Use of radioactive beams for bio-medical research Beyer, G. Beyer, G. Completed
IS362 P89 Diffusion in Intrinsic and Highly Doped III-V semiconductors Mehrer, H. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS361 P88 Beta decay asymmetry in mirror nuclei: A = 9 Tengblad, O. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS360 P86 Studies of High Tc Superconductors Doped with Correia, J.G. Correia, J.G. Completed
IS359 P85 Investigations of Deep-Level Fe-centres in Si Weyer, G. Weyer, G. Completed
IS358 P79 Magnetic Moment of 67Ni and 67Ni → 67Cu Köster, U. Köster, U. Completed
IS357 P81 Gold and platinum in silicon-isolated impurities complexes Henry, M. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS356 P80 Search for physics beyond the standard model via positron polarization measurements with polarized 17F Severijns, N. Severijns, N. Completed
IS355 P77 Search for detour transitions in the radiative EC decay of 81Kr Pfutzner, M. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS354 P76 Identification and decay studies of new, neutron-rich isotopes of bismuth, lead and thallium by means of a pulsed release element selective method Rykaczewski, K. Ravn, H. Completed
IS353 P75 Beta decay of 58Zn. A critical test for the charge exchange reactin as a probe for the beta decay strength distribution Jokinen, A. Jokinen, A. Completed
IS353 P72 Search for the deformation signature in the Gamow Teller decay of N=7 even even nuclei above A=60 Miehe, C. Completed
IS351 P63 Search for 73Rb and investigation of nuclear decay modes near the Z=N line in the border region of the astrophysical rp-process path Äystö, J. Jokinen, A. Completed
IS349 P70 Meson-exchange enhancement of first forbidden beta transitions in the lead region Severijns, N. Keim, M. Completed
IS347 P68 Radioactive beam experiments at ISOLDE: Coulomb excitation and neutron transfer reactions of exotic nuclei Habs, D. Bollen, G. Completed
IS346 P54 Mass measurements of very short half-lived nuclei (MISTRAL) de Saint Simon, M. / Le Scornet, G. Lunney, D. Completed
IS345 P65 Nuclear, electrical and optical studies of hydrogen in semiconductors Deicher, M. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS344 P60 Laser spectroscopy of neutron rich bismuth isotopes Billowes, J. Geithner, W. Completed
IS343 P64 Test of a high power target design Bennett, J.R.J. Drumm, P. Completed
IS342 P62 Emission channeling studies on the behaviour of light alkali atoms in wide-band-gap semiconductors Hofsaess, H. Hofsaess, H. Completed
IS341 P59 Emission Channeling investigation of implantation defects and impurities in II-VI semiconductors Hofsaess, H. Hofsaess, H. Completed
IS340 P58 Emission channeling studies of the lattice site of oversized alkali atoms implanted in metals Langouche, G. Van Duppen, P. Completed
IS339 P56 The mechanism of ß-delayed two-proton emission Garcia Borge, M.J. Martel-Bravo, I. Completed
IS338 P53 Single-particle states in 133Sn Hoff, P. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS337 P52 Saturation of deformation and identical bands in very-neutron rich Sr isotopes Lhersonneau, G. Completed
IS336 P49 Shape coexistence and shell-model intruder states in the lead region studied by alpha decay Van Duppen, P. Van Duppen, P. Completed
IS335 P46 / P47 Beam Development / Implementation and further development of the ISOLDE laser ion source Ravn, H. Lettry, J. Completed
IS334 P82 Study of the ev correlation in Fermi beta decay: a probe for scalar weak interactions Garcia, A. Martel-Bravo, I. Completed
IS334 P50 Adelberger E.G. Completed
IS333 P34 Neutron-rich silver isotopes produced by a chemically selective laser ion-source: test of the R-process "Waiting-Point" concept Kratz, K.-L. Nilsson, T. Completed
IS332 P43 The search for M3 transitions in 183Pt and 181Os Roussiere, B. Le Scornet, G. Completed
IS331 P48 Use of radioactive ion beams for biomedical research; in-vivo dosimetry using positron emitting rare earth isotopes with the rotating PET scanner at Hospital Cantonal Beyer, G. Beyer, G. Completed
IS330 P42 Use of radioactive ion beams for biomedical research; in vivo labelling of monoclonal antibodies with radio-lanthanides and 225-Ac Beyer, G. Beyer, G. Completed
IS329 P41 Alpha anisotropy studies of near-spherical and deformed nuclei Severijns, N. Completed
IS328 P40 Electrical activation of dopant atoms in the II-VI materials M-X Wichert, T. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS327 P37 Study of isospin-forbidden 0+->0+ transition in 38mK Adelberger, E.G. Completed
IS326 P36 Test of hadronic probes of GT strength Adelberger, E.G. Completed
IS325 P35 Combined electrical, optical and nuclear investigations of impurities and defects in II-VI semiconductors Reisloehner, U. Agne, T. Completed
IS324 P39 Precise study of fine structure in 14C emission from 223Ra Hourani, E. Completed
IS323 P33 Nuclear structure effects in the exotic decay of 225Ac via 14C emission Bonetti, R. Pasinetti, A.L. Completed
IS322 P32 Octupole deformed nuclei in the actinide region Kurcewicz, W. Tengblad, O. Completed
IS321 P31 Moessbauer and DLTS investigations of impurity vacancy complexes in semiconductors Weyer, G. Weyer, G. Completed
IS320 P30 Decay properties of the halo nucleus 11Li Nyman, G. Completed
IS319 P25 Delayed proton emission in the A=70 region: a probe for level density and particle width Miehe, C. Completed
IS318 P29 Surface and interface studies with radioactive ions Bertschat, H. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS317 P28 Study of electric monopole transitions in 76, 78Kr Sona, P. Sona, P. Completed
IS316 P24 Can ß-decay probe excited state halos? Riisager, K. Completed
IS315 P5 COMPLIS:Collinear Spectroscopy Measurements using a pulsed laser ion source Huber, G. Le Scornet, G. Completed
IS314 P22 Measurements of electric quadrupole moments of neutron deficient Au, Pt and Ir nuclei with NMR-ON in hcp-Co Zech, E. Dietrich, M. Completed
IS313 P20 111mCd- and 199mHg derivates of blue oxidases Butz, T. Troeger, W. Completed
IS312 P19 Passivation of electrically active centers by hydrogen and lithium in semiconductors Forkel, D. Completed
IS311 P18 The electronic structure of impurities in semiconductors Weyer, G. Weyer, G. Completed
IS310 P17 Alpha-emission channeling studies of the interaction of Li with defects in Si and diamond Hofsaess, H. Completed
IS309 P16 Direct measurement of the DX-centre related lattice relaxations in AlxGa1-xAs compounds Hofsaess, H. Vianden, R. Completed
IS308 P15 Meson-exchange enhancement of the first forbidden O+ -> 0- beta transitions Walter, G. Completed
IS307 P12 Diffusion of gold and platinum in amorphous silicon Frank, W. Matics, S. Completed
IS305 P10 Fabrication of implanted 22Na Targets Rolfs, C. Completed
IS304 P9 Measurement of nuclear moments and radii by collinear laser spectroscopy Neugart, R. Geithner, W. Completed
IS303 P8 / P87 Tilted-foil polarisation and magnetic moments of mirror nuclei at ISOLDE Hass, M. Hass, M. Completed
IS301 P4 Effect of particle-core-vibration coupling near the double closed 132Sn nucleus from precise magnetic moment measurements Stone, N. Veskovic, M. Completed
IS300 P2 A Search for axions and massive neutrinos Weyer, G. Ravn, H. Completed
I88 I88 BetaNMR as a novel technique for biological applications Hemmingsen, L. / Stachura, M. Johnston, K. / Kowalska, M. Completed
I87 I87 New insights in Metal-Oxide junctions for nano-electronic applications Lopes, A.L. Correia, J. G. Completed
I86 I86 Development of astatine ion beams with RILIS Andreyev, A. / Fedosseev, V. Fedosseev, V. / Rothe, S. Completed
I85 I85 Properties of neutron-rich lutetium and hafnium high-spin isomers Walker, P. Flanagan, K. Completed
I84 I84 ASPIC2 Potzger, K. Potzger Completed
I83 I83 Tilted-foils polarization at REX-ISOLDE Georgiev, G. Herlert, A. Completed
I81 I81 Radioactive probe studies of coordination mechanisms of heavy metal ions from natural waters to functionalized magnetic nanoparticles Amaral, V. Correia, J.G. Completed
I80 I80 Collection of Rb-83 at low implantation energy for KATRIN Schloesser, K. Johnston, K. Completed
I68 I68 Temperature effects on alpha radioactivity of 223Ra Huber, G. Johnston, K. Completed
I66 I66 Measurement of shape co-existence in heavy nuclei using Coulomb excitation Butler, P. / Van Duppen, P. Cederkäll, J. Completed
I65 I65 Development of the RILIS research laboratory at ISOLDE Berg, L.-E. Fedosseev, V. Completed
I64 I64 Bolosources de Marcillac, P. Kowalska, M. Completed
I63 I63 Astrophysics Using Post-Accelerated Aluminum Beams at REX-ISOLDE D’Auria, J. Cederkäll, J. Completed
I60 I60 Study of the p h11/2-1 isomeric states in 201,203,205Au Podolyak, Z. Butler, P. Completed
I59 I59 Precision measurement of the half-life, of non-analogue branches and of the β-decay Q value of the super-allowed 0+ → 0+ β-decay of 72Br Blank, B. Fraile, L.M. Completed
I58 I58 Low-energy Coulomb excitation of 78,80,82Ge with REX-ISOLDE and Miniball Stefanescu, I. Georgiev, G. Completed
I57 I57 In-Source Laser Spectroscopy of Po Lesher, S. Fedosseev, V. Completed
I54 I54 Preparation and implication of carrier-free 115mCd in calcium nitrate salt  Ahmed, I. / Young, S. / Crout, N. Completed
I53 I53 High-precision mass measurements of highly-charged exotic ions with the mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP Blaum, K. Herlert, A. Completed
I52 I52 Production of generator source of alpha-emitters for radiotherapy Kelson, I. Completed
I51 I51 Post-acceleration of light proton-rich beams close to the N=Z line for studies of reactions with applications in nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure Cederkäll, J. Cederkäll, J. Completed
I50 I50 Laser Ion Source Development applying an All Solid State Titanium Sapphire Laser System Wendt, K. Blaum, K. Completed
I49 I49 Studies of a Target System for a 4-MW, 24-GeV Proton Beam Kirk, H. / McDonald, K. Haseroth, H. Completed
I48 I48 Laser spectroscopic studies with an RFQ cooler-buncher Billowes, J. Marsh, B. Completed
I45 I45 Measurement of nuclear moments of short-lived magnesium isotopes by b-NMR spectroscopy Neyens, G. Kowalska, M. Completed
I44 I44 Study of the decrease of neutron pairing with neutron number by measuring the transfer of paired neutrons Habs, D. Cederkäll, J. Completed
I43 I43 A study of the r-process Nuclides 137,138,139Sb using the enhanced Selectivity of RILIS Walters, W. Nilsson, T. Completed
I42 I42 Post acceleration of rare earth isotope beams for radiotracer DLTS on SiC Pasold, G. Dietrich, M. Completed
I41 I41 Determination of 44Ar(n,γ)45Ar, and 46Ar(n,γ)47Ar reaction rates by (d,p) transfer reactions Sorlin, O. Nilsson, T. Completed
I40 I40 Lifetime and gJ factor measurements on 226Ra+ Werth, G. Blaum, K. Completed
I36 I36 Proton angular distribution from oriented 147Tm high spin Isomer Stone, N. Köster, U. Completed
I33 I33 Production of polarized radioactive beams with laser ion sources (Feasibility test) Weissman, L. Weissman, L. Completed
I26 I26 Parity Non-conservation in nuclei: The case of 180mHf Stone, N. / Stone, J. Cederkäll, J. Completed
I205 I205 Collection of 133mXe for MRI+SPECT feasibility study Kowalska, M. / Stora, T. / Hyacinthe, J-N. Kowalska, M. Completed
I198 I198 Characterization of the low-energy 229mTh isomer Van Duppen, P. Gaffney, L. Completed
I179 I179 Tracking quantum phase transition by means of neutron pair transfer Recchia, F. Gaffney, L. Completed
I172 I172 WISARD: Weak-interaction studies with 32Ar decay B. Blank / N. Severijns K. Johnston Completed
I168 I168 Online commissioning of the laser-polarization setup at VITO M. Kowalska M. Kowalska Completed
I166 I166 Optimisation of clinical SPECT imaging with 155Tb for theragnostic radionuclide therapy Cocolios, T. / Robinson, A. Johnston, K. Completed
I161 I161 (CLL-023) Emission Mössbauer Spectroscopy of high energy transition isotopes Molholt, T. / Gunnlaugsson, H.P. Johnston, K. Completed
I154 I154 Collaboration Project between Campus Tecnológico e Nuclear- Instituto Superior Técnico (CTN-IST)\nand CERN-MEDICIS Rego dos Santos I. / Stora T. Correia G. Completed
I153 I153 In-source laser spectroscopy of mercury isotopes Gaffney L. / Seliverstov M. / Andreyev A. Marsh B. Completed
I152 I152 Shape co-existence and higher order deformations Nara Singh B.S. / Jenkins D. Rapisarda Completed
I151 I151 Implementing the recoil distance Doppler-shift technique at HIE-ISOLDE: Investigation of neutron-rich 86 Se Fransen C. Rapisarda E. Completed
I150 I150 Shape coexistence in 68Ni and 70Ni Recchia F. / Lenzi S. Rapisarda E. Completed
I148 I148 Preparation of negative ion beams for the determination of the electron affinity of polonium and astatine by laser photodetachment Rothe S. Fedosseev Completed
I147 I147 Surface mediated magnetism in metal-oxide semiconductors Deicher M. Johnston K. Completed
I146 I146 Metals in Medicine Project: Investigation of the Treatment of Leishmaniases with Antimony Containing Drug Compounds Using Perturbed Angular Correlation Spectroscopy with Parent Isotopes 116Sb, 118Sb, 120Sb, (128Sb), 130Sb Roeder, J. Roeder, J. Completed
I145 I145 Preparation for the study of the transitional nucleus 191Po with high-resolution spectroscopy at CRIS Cocolios, T. Flanagan, K. Completed
I144 I144 Local investigation with radioactive probe of wide band gap oxides thin films doped with transition metals Carbonari, A. Correia, J.G. Completed
I142 I142 Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy using a Digital PAC Spectrometer Roeder, J. Roeder, J. Completed
I141 I141 Digital TDPAC with Rare Earth Isotope 169Yb, 147Gd, and 149Gd in Yb and Gd Doped CeO2 and 147 Gd in GdBa2 Cu3 O7-d Roeder, J. Roeder, J. Completed
I140 I140 Digital TDPAC with 19O in Cobalt Metal Roeder, J. Roeder, J. Completed
I134 I134 Perturbed Angular Correlation Spectroscopy for structural and dynamic studies of artificial DNA nanostructures Park, S. Johnston, K. Completed
I132 I132 Radioactive Local Probing and Doping on Graphene Amaral, V. Correia, J.G. Completed
I131 I131 PAC study of the static and dynamic aspects of an atom inside a fullerene cage Das, S. / Butz, T. Correia, J.G. Completed
I121 I121 Innovative radioisotopes for preclinical and clinical studies Köster, U. Johnston. K. Completed