HIE-ISOLDE 3rd cryomodule transported to ISOLDE hall

The 3rd HIE-ISOLDE cryomodule is now in its final position in the ISOLDE hall. It was transported on Tuesday the 24th of January as shown in the photo below, courtesy of E. Siesling. It was tough for the transport people due to the freezing conditions. The cryomodule is already on its jacks, the shielding tunnel roof is closed and the alignment done.

HIE-ISOLDE Experiments workshop 1st February 2016

This workshop aims to discuss and identify the best physics cases for next year's beam time. Short presentations will be given where the physics cases of experiments are revisited, and the running conditions and limitations are presented. The building of the HIE-ISOLDE project continues and good results pave the way for our future.

To register for this event please see http://indico.cern.ch/event/462504/

ISOLDE Coulex School 27-29 January 2016

Low-energy Coulomb excitation is one of the rare methods available to obtain information on static electromagnetic moments of short-lived excited nuclear states including non-yrast states. In the scattering of two nuclei, the electromagnetic field that acts between them causes their excitation. The process selectively populates low-lying collective states and is therefore ideally suited to study nuclear collectivity.


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