ISOLDE schedule

The ISOLDE Schedule contains all planned targets and experiments at ISOLDE, which in 2017 lasts from April 24th until November 20th. The present schedule covers the period up to the end of the running period dedicated to low energy physics in 2017 - till the end of June. From July onwards the schedule will detail both HIE-ISOLDE and low energy experiments. 

Templates with beamtime requests are sent to spokespersons of all open experiments at the beginning of each year by the ISOLDE physics coordinator. If you are planning submitting a proposal for an experiment, please contact the coordinator to learn about the proedures to follow (Karl Johnston, or (+41) 22 767 3809).

Please remember that the first shift of radioactive beam is devoted to the scan of proton beam on target and to yield measurements (not taken from experiment's shifts); the beam is delivered to the experiment after that. Keep also in mind that the run may need to be shortly interrupted for a target change in the other separator. More details are found in the weekly schedules.

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